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Lloyd Celeste

Peace in the mids of the storm.

Sometimes our decisions in life will either boil or calm our seas.

The Author

Lloyd Celeste started living online since 2011 to inspire others from his ministry blog. Before becoming an educator, life coach, author, analyst, and environmental planner, Lloyd Celeste was an active volunteer missionary for one year.

Right there, he was able to maximize his talent in community organizing and building rapport with people from a diverse ethnic background.

After being a missionary, he pursued his interest in business but did not succeed. Instead, that circumstance leads his way to becoming what he is right now.

It all started when taking a risky and hard decision-making process. After sleepless nights of making rash decisions and choosing between two great opportunities. He did not only achieve his truest potential but also landed in his passion business – sustainability blogger, life coach, and author.

The success Lloyd had today is doubled than his failures in the past after making a wise decision. His decision-making process seemed to work for him in achieving his goals in life perfectly.


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Lloyd’s Beliefs

“I believe that you, too, can make a difference in your circle, in your community, and even to the rest of the world by following what you want. If you failed a thousand times before, if you think you have no talent, no skills, and no direction whatsoever.

We are on the same boat before. But not anymore. You can have the same success as mine or more than, depending on your goals. You can be whatever you want to be by following a purpose-driven life. Sharing and caring for your community.

Making a difference. I believe that what I offer here is definitely for people who want to make a change not just for themselves but also for the people around them. All of this will commence after you make a Wise Decision for yourself.”

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“Land use practices on watershed and water awareness level of Upland Hayiban Protected landscape communities in Calbayog Pan-as. UCLG-ASPAC 2017.


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He has conducted several research, which also gained him popularity in his academic pursuit. With this, he was also tapped as resource speaker in topics related to climate change, eco-tourism business planning, agri-enterprise development, and among others.

  • Capacity Development for Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation, and Disaster Risk Reduction for SUCs and Stakeholders.
  • Seminar-Workshop on Water Sustainability through Integrated Water Resources Management.
  • Resource Valuation Framework and Methodology for the Enhancement of the Mansaka Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development Plan and Program (ADSDPP).
  • Adaptation Options of Coastal Communities in Calbayog City.
  • Calbayog Pan-as Hayiban Protected Landscape (CPHPL) Ecotourism Business Planning Workshop Provincial Environment Natural Resources Office (PENRO) Catbalogan City.

From Zero to Abundance

Had been involved in international, local, and national research conferences to present his scientific output. Also, being passionate about the environment, he had been continuously tapped to be a consultant in planning activities for the protection of the community resources such as watershed.

He was nominated as the best researcher in 2018 at their university. Since he entered the academic world, he had already received several awards from his research outputs, presentations both in local, regional, and international conferences.

His exemplary work ethics in research and community engagement has also allowed him to get grant funding from national agencies to research health, mining, climate change, valuation of resources, and waste to energy.

Unlimited Potential

Everyone deserved to be successful. No matter who you are, what you are doing, what age you are. You definitely have the power to change your destiny.

In this site, Lloyd believes that you are the creator of your life, and God is the Director. You can master your true potential is you let the great Director mold yourself in life.

Concerning this, Lloyd offers his personal and private time to coach you, and achieve your true potential, change your career, achieve your desire in life without going through trial and error.

Lloyd has got you covered. Hence he believed: