Investigating Careers: How should you go about it.

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investigating careers
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I understand that most students do not have yet the clear vision on what career to explore. This led to joining courses that are not in line with their passion and purpose.

In this article, we'll share with you how you can investigate careers.

The things here are commonly used by psychometrician during entrance examination of students.

Career Assessments

These are career tools which are integral component of an Investigating Careers class. Career assessments are also referred to as quizzes, tests or surveys. This allow students to gain more insight into their interests, personality preferences and skills that relate to career possibilities.

Not all career assessments are created equal. Some may just be quizzes that provide students with a list of potential jobs. Others can have more stringent design and development processes. These assessments help them more reliable for use when making career decisions.

When using any career assessment tool, research its reputation thoroughly before using it. Ensure its reliability and validity has been thoroughly assessed prior to using.

Some of the best career assessments enable students to compare multiple careers and learn more about what each offers. These include educational requirements and training needs. Whether working with data or people. And responsibilities, benefits, job outlook and salary information, etc.

Career assessments can help students explore various character traits and how these affect work environments.

One such assessment is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This assessment takes between 30 to 45 minutes to complete and produces a multi-page PDF report. The report outlines an individual's Myers-Briggs personality type. This also shows the personality types related to various careers and suggested career paths.

Career assessments in public state universities are free.


Investigating Careers provides students with an introduction and selection of careers. Useful if they wish to explore career further during high school and beyond. Students immerse themselves in 16 career clusters including Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Students also have the chance to conduct informational interviews. They can start with people working in careers they are considering pursuing. This provides them with invaluable opportunities for career exploration. Of course, by learning directly from those already working in these areas.

Interviews play an invaluable role during investigating careers class. It provides essential background information and allow student to know exactly what career is for them.

Job Shadowing

Shadowing can help students unsure which career path they would like to follow. It helps gain a closer glimpse at different roles within their field of interest. Also, it determine whether it fits with their personal and lifestyle preferences. In this way, they can realize which professions may not be worth pursuing, saving both time and money in doing so.

To maximize their job shadowing experience, students should prepare in advance. They can do online research on the profession or occupation they will shadowing. This will allow them to ask the relevant questions during their job shadowing experience and write down observations. This way, later when reflecting upon it all they can look back over how well prepared they were.

Students should ensure they dress professionally for work environments. Particularly office settings where they'll be following professionals. Cell phones should also remain silent. This is to avoid distracting their host or creating the impression of unprofessionalism.

There is great value in job shadowing and e-mentoring for students. It raises career awareness and clarified their career goals.

This activity lead to increased interest in chosen career path. Ultimately, creates greater willingness to apply for internships or undergraduate research programs.

Researching Job Markets

career opportunities
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Investigating careers does not end at job shadowing. It is also necessary to investigate into education/training requirements for each job.

Students need to check if some certifications are needed or not. Also, they should not forgot school attendance requirements and average pay. This information will help narrow down their list of careers they wish to explore further.

Career exploration provides teachers with an ideal opportunity to network with professionals. These professionals can speak about a particular industry that uncovers unexpected career options.

While this method might take more time and energy than anticipated, students may gain invaluable knowledge.

They could learn more about specific jobs from these speakers. Also they can discover some offshoot professions that hadn't crossed their minds beforehand.

Furthermore, they are encouraged to engage in co-curricular and extracurricular career preparation opportunities. This include job shadowing, internships, career and technical student organizations, community service volunteerism and volunteerism.

Most of all, students should understand the importance of work ethics. Also integrity, dedication and perseverance with job responsibilities. This can teach them about maintaining work-life balance throughout adult life.


The most important part of investigating careers class is the willingness of students to pursue. Career assessment test, job shadowing, job market analysis and interviews can help students a lot. It is important that students or you should be open to all opportunities in life which may lead you.

Investigating careers before you venture into the desired field is essential in making wise decisions. You can never go wrong with it.

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